Rick Steves Visits Beechwood Cottage

For the easiest look at the dramatic Scottish Highlands, explore the awe-inspiring valley called “Glencoe.” And for your home base, it’s a B&B in the village of Glencoe. Here’s a blitzy clip from my “stocking-feet cozy” B&B there.

Staying in a B&B (rather than a hotel) is a good example of how you can experience more by spending less. These days, you’ll pay about $80 for a double room and two hearty breakfasts at good B&Bs, which you can find in your favorite guidebook or via Airbnb. You can count on a warm reception and a big breakfast…but being visited by stags is a bonus.

(This is Day 88 of my “100 Days in Europe” series. As I travel with Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, research my guidebooks, and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences across Europe. Still to come: England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, and more. Follow along at http://www.ricksteves.com/blog.)